Who can use the TravelScoot?

The TravelScoot mobility scooter is suitable for anyone who is still fairly mobile but has difficulties walking longer distances. These difficulties may be caused by such things as Arthritic legs, obesity, back and/or hip problems, Muscular Dystrophia, MS or Polio to name a few.

The TravelScoot can assist people with pulmonary issues or reduced lung function who are dependant on external oxygen and help them remobilize their life.

The TravelScoot can also be very useful with temporary immobility due to surgery, back, leg or foot injuries or fractures.

Where can the TravelScoot be driven?

Mobility scooters with more than two wheels are considered handicapped vehicles and are permitted wherever walking is the only alternative. This includes public buildings such as airports, museums, shopping malls, department stores and trade shows as well as outdoor facilities like theme parks, fairs, sidewalks, parks, etc.

Can I take my TravelScoot on board an airplane?

All airlines are obligated to carry mobility aids such as wheelchairs free of charge, provided the aircraft is large enough. The airline determines whether these mobility aides are to be stored in the cabin or baggage hold.

Generally, mobility aids are handled in the same manner as strollers. They can be ridden to the door of the aircraft and are returned to you there upon arrival at your destination.

The Transportation of mobility product batteries are subject to special requirements.

Can my TravelScoot be ridden on board cruise ships?

With it’s compact size and maneuverability, the TravelScoot seems like it was custom made for cruises.
Some of the advantages of the TravelScoot:

The TravelScoot will fit through cabin and elevator doors. While the cabins can be quite small, the compact folded size of the TravelScoot requires very little space.

How do I carry things on the TravelScoot?

The TravelScoot comes equipped with a red fabric caddy attached to the frame. The caddy allows you to carry smaller objects like a camera, jacket, water bottle, cell phone etc. For greater carrying capacity, a folding wire basket can be mounted on the front and/or rear of the TravelScoot.

What is the weight capacity of the TravelScoot?

Your TravelScoot is made from the highest quality aircraft grade aluminum. Not only does this contribute to the ultra light weight of the TravelScoot but it gives it extreme durability and strength.

The TravelScoot is rated for 145 kg./320 lbs. on the seat and another 18kg./ 40lbs. on the frame.

Will my TravelScoot fit into the trunk of my car?

The TravelScoot is the most compact mobility scooter in the world. The storage displacement is 2 ½ cubic feet. It will fit into the trunk of any car and with most SUV’s you may not even need to fold it.

Can I ride the TravelScoot in the rain?

Yes, you can ride the TravelScoot in the rain. When approaching puddles on a sidewalk, slow down or go around them. Do not submerge the entire battery.

How far can I go on a fully charged battery?

An 82 kg./180 lb. person on a level surface can expect to go 19.3 km./12 miles on a single charge. (Conditions like rider weight, inclines, stops and starts may affect the distance).

How long does it take to charge the battery?

A fully discharged battery will take about 3-4 hours to charge.

Can I charge the battery at any time or do I have to wait until it runs down?

You can charge the TravelScoot battery at any time. The benefit of using a Lithium Ion battery is you can charge it or top it up at any time. There are no memory issues with lithium battery technology. You’ll always have a battery that will give you 100% performance.

Do I have to check the air pressure in the tires?

No. The tires on the TravelScoot are solid and maintenance free. You never have to worry about getting a flat tire.

What can I do to adjust the TravelScoot to my height?

The handlebars and the seat of the TravelScoot can be adjusted to accommodate riders of different sizes.

If you still have a question regarding the TravelScoot, please contact us We’d be happy to assist you.

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