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Rental process

Rental Process

Simplicity in itself

We’ve made renting a TravelScoot mobility scooter effortless. Just follow these steps.

1. Contact TravelScoot Rentals

Email us at info@mobility4u.co.za or call us at +27 22 451 2004. We can answer all your questions, take your information, give you a quote and confirm your rental in one phone call.

If you prefer, you can contact us
2. Provide us with the details of your rental request

Tell us about your mobility rental needs, your destination and how long you wish to rent it for and we’ll take it from there. We will provide you with a detailed quote for your TravelScoot rental along with travelling tips.  We can even suggest some great things you will be able to accomplish with the remarkable TravelScoot!

3. Book your TravelScoot

Once we have confirmed your rental costs, dates and shipping information, you will be given a confirmation number. We can then accept your payment over the phone or email you an invoice.

TravelScoot Rentals accepts cash or EFT payments.

4. Enjoy your TravelScoot

Your TravelScoot assembles in minutes, giving you more time to get out and enjoy your newfound mobility.

5. Return your TravelScoot

When it comes time to return your T/s, simply package it in the container it was delivered, and send it back to T/s Rentals, either deliver it in person or send it by courier. We will assist you in getting the best quotation.



Call :+27 22 451 2004                                                    email: info@mobility4u.co.za

Get in Touch:

Johan: +27 84 669 1883

Email: info@mobility4u.co.za